Dr Jesse Schulman, Chief Executive Officer

Jesse Schulman has worked for Canbex since 2009, assisting the firm in attracting grant and equity funding, and became CEO in 2012. Dr Schulman is responsible for overseeing and executing the development of VSN16R, as well as the company's fundraising and exit activities. He was trained as a Neuroscientist at UC San Diego and the Salk Institute, and has worked extensively in corporate finance for the biotech sector, assisting firms with fundraising, licensing and M&A transactions. He has held roles including Managing Partner at business development advisor Capel Thompson, equities analyst at US investment bank Friedman Billings Ramsey, and Director of Analysis and Research with life sciences corporate finance advisors Ferghana Partners. He is also an award-winning former foreign correspondent for CBS News and was Biotechnology Correspondent for Financial Times 'MarketWatch'.

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